Every Moment is unique.

Falling head over heels in love. Dancing around the festival covered in mud. Mastering the move with friends and a shopping cart. Singing your favorite song at the top of your voice—until all the neighbors know it by heart. Hugging your sweetheart. Flying for the first time. Doing something good and help. Surfing a wave. Meeting friends on the other side of the world. Laughing until you cry. Leaving the club exhausted and happy at the crack of dawn. Fulfilling a dream. Being free. Love.

Moments are as unique as the people who experience them. They cannot be planned, are often volatile, usually surprising.

Your Moment. Our Mission.

How would it be if you could capture this one, very special moment, make it tangible and experience it again and again?

Moments of happiness, love, freedom and so much more are captured exclusively for you by Moment.

Behind the Moment

It all started with a 50 year old college jacket that has so many memories attached to it, that they're countless. Good moments that want to be preserved, even if the jacket is already crumbling to dust.

It was exactly these special moments that our Berlin tattoo artist captured and condensed into our first smiley. And while we're at it, we also brought the college jacket from the past into the future and gave it a high quality upgrade made of 100% organic cotton with anti-pilling and shrinkage treatment.

We also want to provide good moments globally, so from every product sold an amount goes to TIGRAY UNITY GERMANY for humanitarian projects. Spread the love.

Your Moment. Our Vision.

Moment is not a fashion label (‘kay it’s one also), it’s a community, a movement! A new lifestyle that captures your unique moment for you!

Our fashion collection is just the start. Be part of something big and look forward to unique moments in the shape of NFTs and much more!